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Chicken-Fried News: Fast and furious




Some city car enthusiasts probably feel like they’ve been pulled over by the fun police.

Members of the Oklahoma Z Car Club and other private car clubs have used the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office training track for years to test out their cars’ capabilities as they whipped around orange training cones at high speeds, with permission from the sheriff.

County commissioners, however, say no one sought their approval to use the tax-funded track.

Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel recently said in a statement published on that the commission raised concerns about the track’s use in August and car club activity has been suspended.

Commissioner Brian Maughn told the TV news organization he was previously unaware of car club activities at the site and such use of the track requires prior commission approval.

He also said the county could be held liable for any accident that occurred on the track, though Whetsel said each car club company carries at least a $1 million in liability insurance and waivers are signed by each participant.

Whetsel told that he is working to address the commission’s liability concerns.

In the meantime, local car club members will have to find an alternative site for their fun runs. Z Car Club members vented frustrations on the club’s Facebook group page.

“This whole thing is about money,” one member wrote. “They didn’t give a damn about us before.”

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