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Chicken-Fried News: Fear factor




Oklahoma is overweight — it’s no secret. But the University of Oklahoma might be taking their new weight-loss plan for students a step too far.

How else can it explain the recent discovery by one student that her chocolate cake had a “special” filling?

“Just enjoying my chocolate cake when ... it’s alive,” said Laura Beth McGraw in a video she posted of the roach crawling around in her dessert from Couch Restaurant on campus.

Other students reported mold on bread and lunch meat, gnats and other detritus that might cause gentle-stomached Sooners to boomer everything into the nearest toilet or wastepaper basket. We at Oklahoma Gazette, however, applaud the move by campus eateries. Not only does it boost the local economy by getting students to dine at any of Norman’s non-contaminated restaurants, but it’s a sure way to counteract the Freshman 15.

Print Headline: Fear Factor


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