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Chicken-Fried News: Fixed progress




Oklahoma City’s streetcar project is right on track.

A recent report from said installation of rails on a 4.6-mile main line and 2.3-mile Bricktown track is expected to begin in November.

The process for setting the track will take an estimated two years. The rail project was one of the key components of the MAPS 3 construction plan.

The main line will link Midtown with Bricktown, making stops at places like St. Anthony Hospital, Automobile Alley and Chesapeake Energy Arena.

The Bricktown loop will circle between Bricktown and the ’Peake.

Together, the rail, streetcars and surrounding infrastructure is expected to cost $131 million.

Oklahoma City’s streetcars will be assembled in Pennsylvania and shipped here in May 2017, but shipments of rail components and switches are already underway.

The city council will select a contractor from several project bids in early November.

Just like our future streetcars, there’s nowhere to go but forward.

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