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Chicken-Fried News: For health



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Walking, fast or slow, is wonderful exercise.

There are plenty of benefits, like cutting heart disease risk, lowering blood pressure and reducing Alzheimer’s risk.

The advantages of walking were made a little bit sweeter when GlobalHealth approached Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) faculty and staff.

“Walk for your health,” said the Oklahoma-based health maintenance company. “We will give your schools some hard cash.”

OKCPS responded, “We are ready to move!”

During the five-month Let’s Get Moving challenge, OKCPS employees walked 95,173 miles, reported.

Mark Twain Elementary School averaged 440 miles per participating employee. Now, GlobalHealth is plugging $1,000 into the school’s playground for improvements.

Walking an average of 398 miles per participant, Emerson High School took second place. Now, the school has $500 to spend.

Coolidge Elementary staff averaged 305 miles per participant, receiving $250 bucks.

That’s what we call partners in action.

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