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Chicken-Fried News: Frequent caller



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Before this story begins, here is a quick reminder that there are plenty of things in the world to do when feeling lonely or bored.

Calling the police is not one of them.

A police officer was called to Brenda Reed’s home in late October after she reported her 18-year-old daughter missing, according to

The officer made contact with Reed’s daughter and confirmed that she was not, in fact, missing.

However, that was not the end. Reed called 911 again the same day to report her daughter missing. A second officer came out to her home and asked Reed if she already spoke with an officer that day.

The woman reportedly said she had but “didn’t like what was said,” according to FOX 25.

After the officer told her to only call 911 in an emergency, she said she thought it was one because she “can’t get her out of jail.”

Police reports indicate the second officer had already been called out to Reed’s house earlier that month for nonemergency calls.

When he reviewed Reed’s 911 records, he discovered that the woman called police 19 times since Oct. 1, each of which were determined false calls.

Reed was then arrested and booked into Oklahoma County Jail.

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