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Chicken-Fried News: Get outta here



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Okay, but this time for realsies, guys. Oklahoma County district judge Thomas Price said the Ten Commandments monument on state Capitol grounds really, truly, actually, sincerely and super-duper-especially has to be removed within 30 days.

State officials have until Oct. 12 to take down the 6-foot-tall granite monument, despite Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s blatant panderi — er, we mean allegations that removing the Christian symbol would express an “unconstitutional hostility” toward religion.

What will happen if the monument isn’t removed by the deadline? Judge Price’s office said it didn’t have that information. Maybe Pruitt can come up with a fitting punishment for himself.

In the meantime, the AG is already calling for the state Legislature to put a measure removing Article II, Section 5 of the Oklahoma Constitution on the ballot for the people to decide.

While we’re at it, maybe we can ban Sharia law again, so long as we’re looking for new ways to get the state sued.

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