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Chicken-Fried News: Glass tornado



In a state situated in a stretch of land called Tornado Alley and renowned for its weather casting, isn’t it strange that we don’t have a weather-inspired structure, such as a building shaped like a tornado?

Well, architecture firm Kinslow, Keith & Todd has done it. The real question is, Why Tulsa?

A post on reports that the firm proposed a tornado-shaped glass building for the downtown Tulsa area. It would include several outdoor terraces, a revolving restaurant, a weather research center, convention space and an Oklahoma weather museum.

The post argues that the Tulsa location makes sense, citing National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office statistics that Tulsa has seen 75 twisters since 1904. Yet the same statistics also report Oklahoma City has seen 108 since 1950.

Obviously OKC is way better at tornadoes!

Huh. Upon further consideration, maybe it’s better this way. Surely a 300-foot-tall inverted glass structure precariously situated in the real tornado capital of the world wouldn’t last long.

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