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Chicken-Fried News: Global blustering


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Is this really another Sen. Jim Inhofe anti global warming CFN? Yes, it is. Oklahoma’s senior senator is nothing if not consistent, as he, along with Sen. James Lankford, recently rejected the idea that Oklahoma should consider the effects of global warming when developing risk and disaster management plans.

“Failure to comply with the guidelines, which go into effect in March 2016, could result in loss of eligibility for some FEMA grants,” reported Tulsa World. “In Oklahoma’s case, compliance might mean, for example, considering the possibility of more powerful tornadoes caused by climate change when applying for funds for storm shelters.”

Inhofe penned a letter with other states to express his opposition to the plan.

“We are concerned FEMA’s recent decision to require states to address climate change in their mitigation strategies injects unnecessary, ideological-based red tape into the disaster preparedness program,” the letter said.

Science shows that the world’s climate is changing and those changes have negatively impacted some aspects of human existence. Those are called facts, based on the overwhelming evidence supported by scientific studies.

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