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Edmond is known by locals as a lot of things: a great place to raise a family, the home of two cherished universities, the place your out-of-town friend says smells like McDonald’s french fries, but then you get to tell them that they’re actually catching a whiff of the nearby dog food plant.

But should Oklahoma City’s northern suburb be known as one of the most artistic towns in the United States? According to the travel company Expedia, yes.

In an annual listing of cities with a population of less than 1 million, the travel site gave Edmond the honor due to its works of public art and its outlets for the performing arts, including The Conservatory for Classical Art, Armstrong Auditorium and HÜE Fine Art Studio Gallery.

Other listed cities in Edmond’s size category include Santa Fe, New Mexico; Cambridge, Massachusetts; and Berkeley, California.

It’s not that Edmond isn’t artistic. We at Chicken-Fried News just don’t think the resident soccer moms need more to humble-brag about.

We can just hear them now: “Oh, it’s so hard to keep track of all these pesky city honors these days. Top suburb, top school system, best places to live, all 12 of my four children’s combined student of the month awards — which I hear is probably a family record — and now most artistic town? I can’t even keep it all straight.”

Exactly how valid is a list of art cities from a site whose parent company Travelocity’s mascot is a literal cliché of yard décor? The Roaming Gnome might like Edmond, but we hear lawn flamingos love Guthrie.

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