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Chicken-Fried News: Goat power


Conversations about job creation often center on corporations leaving the United States or the impact of artificial intelligence on the workforce in the coming years. Thanks to Langston University, there might be new competition on the job market: goats. Midwest City has saved about $7,000 by using 20 goats as groundskeepers to manage overgrowth along roadsides, The Journal Record reports. Chris Thomas has one of the coolest job titles we can remember here at Chicken-Fried News. Thomas is chief operator and goat manager for Midwest City’s water resources and recovery center. We bet that will look awesome on a resume going forward. The program is so successful in Midwest City that the city wants to expand the herd this spring to manage overgrowth around railroads. According to The Journal Record, about two-thirds of Midwest City’s herd is on loan from Langston University’s Goat Research Center. The city has purchased some of its own goats, and Langston University is in talks with other municipalities to implement similar programs. The University markets the goats as being the best way to remove weeds from steep drainage ditches. If you’ve ever seen that episode of Planet Earth when the mountain goats climb the vertical face of a mountain, you understand. Langston University professor Terry Gipson said the program has become quite popular, and he is working on a partnership with a municipality in the Tulsa area. There might be few landscaping jobs available, but be on the lookout for goat manager openings.

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