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Chicken-Fried News: Green party?




There is no shortage of big issues going before Oklahoma voters in November, including Right to Farm, changes to the state’s liquor laws and something about The Apprentice going on hiatus for four years.

But supporters of State Question 788 are already looking ahead to 2018, when the more than 67,000 signatures Oklahomans for Health collected will put medical marijuana to a vote of the people.

The 10-day period for challenging petition signatures passed, ensuring that the measure will go on a future ballot.

Oklahomans for Health would like a special election on the issue called for next year, but at a cost of $1.2 million, that might be a hard sell, according to Tulsa World.

Excited? Well, slow your joint roll. Not everything is as dried-and-deseeded as it may seem.

In the interim, Oklahomans for Health sued Attorney General Scott Pruitt for changing the wording of the ballot measure in a way supporters said would mislead voters into thinking a yes vote would fully legalize marijuana in the state.

As rewritten by the AG’s office, the ballot would read: “This measure legalizes the licensed use, sale and growth of marijuana in Oklahoma. There are no qualifying medical conditions identified.”

The lawsuit said, “This language would mislead voter and/or make argument against or show partiality,” and asks the judge to restore the original ballot language, which said, “This measure amends the Oklahoma State Statutes. A yes vote legalizes the licensed use, sale and growth of marijuana in Oklahoma for medicinal purposes and must be approved by an Oklahoma Board Certified Physician.”

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