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Chicken-Fried News: Hard drive




Adim O’Dwyer, a 23-year-old Bethany woman, was arrested recently after she was accused of attempting to rob a jogger at gunpoint. O’Dwyer approached a jogger by driving up to him in her car as she pulled a firearm and demanded his wallet, Oklahoma City police Lt. Brent Green told

She then led cops on a high speed chase as her 3-year-old child was unrestrained in the back seat.

One, runners aren’t often flush with cash, so what was she hoping to find?

Two, what in the heck was she thinking?

Three, seriously, WTF?

Police arrested her on complaints of “robbery with a firearm” and “possession of an offensive weapon while committing a felony,” as well as “aggravated attempting to elude a police officer, child abuse, driving while privilege suspended and resisting arrest,” reported

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