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Chicken-Fried News: Hard hit



Sometimes, earning a decent dollar feels like hitting a brick wall over and over again.

Other times, you crash through that wall, hook a chain around an ATM and use a skid loader to haul it away. Then, like Oklahoma City man Aaron Peterson, cops find you fleeing the scene as you drive the front loader to your getaway car.

Surveillance video also showed Peterson as he spent over half an hour wrestling the money machine from the gas station located at Broadway Extension and W. Hefner Road, according to

“[He] didn’t have its lights on; wasn’t sure what it was doing,” Mark Opgrande, with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, told KFOR. “The skid load driver looked at him, drove the skid loader into the ditch and took off running.”

Deputies also allege the skid loader Peterson used was stolen. He was captured after a foot chase and faces charges for possession of stolen property and destruction of property, among others.

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