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Chicken-Fried News: Haterphobia



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Oklahoma-headquartered and owned craft store franchise Hobby Lobby, where your aunt buys all her picture frames, might be best known for its fight against federally mandated contraceptive coverage.

However, it recently made headlines after one of its Jacksonville, Florida, franchisees showed intolerance for intolerance.

The company responded to a viral social media photo that shows the words “GOD HATES F**S” spelled out in decorative letters on a shelf inside the Florida shop.

“It is beyond unfortunate that some individuals would use items intended to bring beauty and joy through creativity to instead propagate hate, especially at a time when love is so critically needed right now,” Oklahoma City-based communications coordinator Bob Miller told Florida television station WJXT.

It’s cool that Hobby Lobby responded at all, because this could happen anywhere letters are sold. Target sells decorative letters. So do Walmart and a bunch of independent craft stores.

Not long after the rogue arrangement of letters was removed, someone arranged the display to say, “LOVE NOT HATE.”

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