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Chicken-Fried News: Held back



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Graduation rates in Oklahoma declined from last year.


When Oklahoma Watch asked the state Department of Education to release graduation rates, it received a heavily redacted stack of documents. It also said releasing graduation rates for 58 percent of the state’s public school districts and charter schools would be a violation of state laws protecting student privacy.

Oklahoma law prevents the release of records with counts of 10 or fewer students. So if only 10 graduated or didn’t graduate — or if the class size was less than 10 — schools are not allowed to release the information … for some reason that no one seems to quite understand.

For the schools that were listed, the state’s overall graduation rate for 2013-14 was 82.7 percent. That’s down from the prior year, when the graduation rate was 84.9 percent.

Or maybe it was higher. Or even lower. It’s hard to tell, given all that redaction and the lack of other stuff.

So, either let’s panic or celebrate or do nothing! That basically encapsulates the way most Oklahomans react to public school anyway.


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