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Chicken-Fried News: High-pressure cruelty




Power washers just aren’t for dogs.

Obviously, dogs should never get their paws on them. We can only imagine the number of treed cats there would be if that happened. But power washers should never be used on dogs, either.

Sadly, one Comanche resident learned that the hard way. recently reported that police received a 911 call and arrived at a carwash to find 51-year-old Patrick James Shultz spraying down a Chihuahua mix and a puppy in a cage with the industrial-strength pressure washer set on high-pressure rinse. reported that police records show Shultz was holding the sprayer a foot away from the animals, and then turned the sprayer back on after police turned it off.

The pups were scared but are expected to be okay, the TV station reported. They were taken to Woodland Animal Hospital.

Footage from shows warning signs cautioning car wash users about the danger of its hot water and high-pressure spray.

“They’re dangerous, even to cars,” Gary Chambers, a man at the carwash, told NewsChannel 4. “You can pull paint off a car with them, so you can darn sure hurt an animal.” reported that Shultz has been in Oklahoma for at least two years and has been charged with aggravated assault and battery and burglary in that time.

Shultz’ reason for washing his dogs with the industrial washer was that one of them threw up and he’s from California and just doesn’t know any better.

He faces charges of animal cruelty.

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