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Chicken-Fried News: High-rollin'



Don’t be in a rush to share your Route 44 slush with Kevin Durant. Something tells us Oklahoma’s own world-class baller can afford his own.

Forbes recently ranked the world’s highest paid athletes, and the Durantula has climbed his way to No. 7 with a whopping $54.1 million earned over the last year. (Those are only Earth athletes, though. Still no word on how Venutian hover-joust champion Gzerk &&&lingford would stack up.)

The top 100 highest paid athletes last year pulled in $3.2 billion for their sports-balling and on-camera deodorant-using/drink-drinking/shoe-wearing. Durant socked away $19.1 million for playing, but his endorsement deals ponied up another $35 million for the all-star.

The fight for the top spot on the list belongs to two men who got rich by fighting each other. Floyd Mayweather raked in $300 million while poor Manny Pacquiao got a paltry $160 million.

Each athlete on the list pales in comparison to the payday of Oklahoma’s Sue Ann Arnall, however. You might remember that the former Mrs. Harold Hamm fought her way out of a marriage to the Continental Resources kingpin the tune of $974.8 million.

Kevin Durant-Hamm does have a nice ring to it.

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