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Chicken-fried News: Hot mic trouble



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As P.D. Taylor begins his formal job as head of the Oklahoma County Sherriff’s Department, the former interim chief has a clean slate with the department after winning nearly 50 percent of the election.

Oklahoma County at least had it right by not electing independent candidate Ed Grimes, who was fired from his deputy position with the Canadian County Sheriff’s Department three days after coming in at a distant third in the Oklahoma County race.

Grimes was relieved of his duties for “maliciously uttering derogatory, sexist comments about supervisory personnel,” according to The Oklahoman, citing disciplinary records.

According to the termination letter, Grimes made reference to a superior officer needing to use female sanitary products after leaving the microphone active on the sheriff’s radio while talking on the phone. He was also heard mentioning that he was open to running for Oklahoma County sheriff again. We won’t have to worry about that now.

Grimes tallied 9,167 votes compared to Taylor’s 23,049 votes and Mike Hanson’s 14,015. Grimes spent more then three decades with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

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