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Chicken-Fried News: Hungry bears



When you think of Oklahoma, one of the first things you think of is definitely not bears, but that might change soon.

Apparently, a bear relocation program in Arkansas is now affecting us. Bears that our neighbor released in its once-bear-rich mountains have begun migrating here. reported that soon, it won’t be strange to see a bear east of Interstate 35.

It offered this advice: “This summer, mother bears will have their cubs with them as they look for food, so bear encounters will be more likely. If you’re hiking or taking part in other activities in the woods of eastern Oklahoma, keep this in mind and don’t leave out food that could draw in the bears.”

It also reminded everyone that “it’s illegal to kill a bear outside the season,” which sometimes only lasts for one day and only takes place in four counties.

Though it seems unlikely, now that bears are wandering around Oklahoma, you should probably be prepared to meet one face-to-face. suggests climbing trees, using pepper spray and fighting back, depending on the type of bear you’ve encountered.

We’re still waiting on the lions and tigers — besides that whole #tigernado thing — but we’re sorta feeling like maybe we’re not in Kans— er … Oklahoma anymore.

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