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Chicken-Fried News: Incompatible law




Can’t stand the sight of your partner and their disgusting habits anymore?

Tired of your spouse’s nagging and don’t really like them at all as a person anyway and not sure you ever really did?

Just can’t work out your differences?

Too bad.

A bill proposed by Oklahoma Rep. Travis Dunlap, R-Bartlesville, would limit the reasons Oklahomans can cite for getting divorced.

House Bill 1277, called the Fairness in Fault Act, would take incompatibility off the books for people with children under the age of 18, those who have been married at least 10 years or if there is a written objection to the divorce — provable adultery, abandonment, impotence, extreme cruelty or fraudulent contract would have to suffice, according to

The Journal Record reported if one person’s attorney proves their client’s spouse cheated, abandoned them, suffers from impotence or caused the divorce in any other way, the offending party must cover all attorney fees and the offended party can keep 75 percent of the couple’s “marital property.” also reminded the public that, last year, Gov. Mary Fallin signed a bill making divorce more expensive.

The law raised filing fees and added an administrative fee “totaling 15 percent of fees the court clerk collects for other agencies.”

One thing is for sure: These laws certainly make most people reconsider getting married in the first place.

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