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Chicken-Fried News: Indiscretion indecision



Proving once again that there’s no job security like being an elected official in Oklahoma, state Rep. Dan Kirby (R-Tulsa) resigned his post Dec. 23 after it was revealed a legislative assistant filed a sexual harassment complaint against him.

Then he walked back that resignation a few days later.

“I made my decision hastily to resign based upon some pressure, a lot of pressure, that I am not used to,” Kirby told Tulsa World. “After speaking with family and friends, I decided that was not the right course of action.”

Kirby’s former assistant, Hollie Anne Bishop, and her attorneys were paid $44,500 in a settlement after she alleged Kirby sexually harassed her and that she was fired after reporting it. The payment to Bishop was filed as a “legal settlement,” but the money paid to her attorneys was budgeted under housekeeping and cleaning supplies, which we think is an interesting way to classify the expenditures of wrapping up a messy lawsuit.

Kirby said he did not know about the settlement and maintains his innocence in the sexual harassment charges. He also maintains his elected seat because he sent his resignation to Oklahoma House Speaker Charles McCall instead of Gov. Mary Fallin, who should have received it because the Legislature wasn’t in session.

Fallin spokesman Michael McNutt said the governor didn’t receive Kirby’s resignation, according to the Associated Press.

“I have done nothing wrong,” Kirby told Tulsa World. “That is a promise that I am making to you right now.”

But we at Chicken-Fried news humbly submit that you, the reader, might wait a few days and check back on that promise.

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