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Chicken-Fried News: Jailhouse blues



CFN-2015DrumstickNo jail has ever received a five-star comfort rating, but the accommodations at Oklahoma County jail are more unbearable than most. Sewer lines have burst throughout the facility yet again, forcing inmates such as 19-year-old Ross Hoover to serve hard time in cells infested with black mold and raw sewage.

In protest of the jail’s unsanitary conditions, six of Hoover’s relatives held signs in front of the facility calling it “the worst jail in America.” Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel stated that the issue was caused by inmates intentionally clogging the sewage system and it was taken care of in a few hours. If you ask Ross Hoover, he’ll tell you both the sheriff and the jail are full of crap.

The Hoovers aren’t asking the jail to provide inmates with room service and 800-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets; all they want is Ross to serve his time for drug-related charges in a sanitary cell. We’re uncertain if our jail will ever fix its ongoing leaky sewage issue, so plan on committing all crimes worthy of incarceration in another county until further notice.

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