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Chicken-Fried News: Just unhealthy


CFN_DOCweb.jpg recently released its Healthy Cities Index, and OKC earned a spot at No. 2.

And by No. 2, we mean we’re almost the least healthy city in the nation with a score of 24.1 out of 100. Memphis earned the No. 1 spot with a grade of 15.8.

Perhaps is the chronic fear of terrorism (see “Satanist scribbles”), the stress of deciding which sex toys to purchase (buy all of them; see “Sexy city”), the distraction of chart fever or fear of drugs (see “Massive meth”) that’s making Oklahoma City residents unhealthy.

Or maybe we’re underserved by our city infrastructure and minimum-wage pay ... and a bit lazy.

The website gathered data about the number of “highly rated” doctors and residents with health insurance, doctor-to-patient ratios, exercise rates, eating habits, chronic health problems and access to recreational activities, among others. The healthiest city was Boston with a score of 74.5.

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