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“Beer is good,” said a study about how good beer is from two groups devoted to selling beer.

According to a study by the Beer Institute and the National Beer Wholesalers Association (but not the Michelob Foundation for the Beer Can Arts), beer has a $2.8 billion impact on Oklahoma’s economy.

The state garners $412 million in annual tax collections from beer sales and pays wages of $726 million.

“That’s cute,” one might imagine the oil and gas industry saying. “Keep trying, champ.”

We here at Chicken-Fried News are big fans of beer and oil, and we wish they’d stop imaginary fighting in our heads. Of course, one powers our cars and the other makes it illegal to drive said cars, so this pretend feud kind of makes sense.

Can’t the beer industry, which has brought us great friends like Anthem Brewing Company, COOP Ale Works and Roughtail Brewing Company, get along with the oil and gas industry, which employs a quarter of the population? Maybe we can all sit on a barrel of crude, pop open a cold bottle of suds and get just drunk enough that we can’t feel any more earthquakes.

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