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Chicken-Fried News: Kitty cabbage



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Not since Sweet Brown swept through social media feeds and created her own tagline that spread like wildfire through the rest of the country has an Oklahoman become internet famous so quickly.

Fox 23 News reported that a video of this superstar’s shenanigans has been viewed 500,000 times in Taiwan, and film and TV star George Takei even shared a post about them on his Facebook page.

Unfortunately, Oklahoma’s new internet celebrity can’t tell amazing stories that end with “Ain’t nobody got time for that” since one of his biggest claims to fame is that he’s an adorable cat.

Though he joins the rest of the cat-obsessed online traffic, he didn’t become famous for hilariously knocking things off tables or being a jerk every chance he gets.

Tulsa’s CASHnip Kitty spends his time raising money for Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless, which provides support, programs and housing to the city’s homeless population. The talented feline sleeps by the door in his home, GuRuStu marketing agency, and collects dollars pushed through a slot in the glass doors by adorably grabbing them with his paws.

We know what you’re thinking — this cat couldn’t possibly get any cuter. But you’re wrong. His name is Sir Whines a Lot, and he has his own website,; Facebook page; and Instagram account.

Go forth and share the joy, philanthropic spirit and social media posts of CASHnip Kitty with the world and help him raise money for a good cause; he’s light years beyond his piano-playing, cucumber-fearing brethren in the feline world.

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