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Chicken-Fried News: Laid-back booth



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Ruffled curtains, a white ceramic table lamp, knickknack ceramic piggybanks shaped like life-size pigs and painted with cheery yellow flowers, rose and green flowery printed couch cushions — this isn’t your granny’s living room (it isn’t on Election Day, anyways); it’s a polling place in Dover, Oklahoma.

Most voters across the country headed to schools and churches to cast their ballots, but The Daily Beast delighted online readers with a list and photos of not-so-normal voting settings.

Laundromats, tool sheds, beauty salons, fire departments, car lots, supermarkets and restaurants made the news and opinion outlet’s list of The Strangest Places for Americans to Vote.

Internet media company BuzzFeed’s expanded list included art museums, appliance stores, pools, pool halls, lifeguard headquarters and even a cemetery.

Dover is a small Kingfisher County town of less than 400 people.

If its super-cozy polling place belongs to your granny, we hope you took her out for a nice dinner or something to reward her for letting citizens actively participate in their government in the comfort her living room.

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