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Chicken-Fried News: Life of Riley



This month, a leader of the Irish Mob reached a deal with federal prosecutors to avoid a possible life sentence for his role in money laundering and a conspiracy to bring a surfeit of heroin and methamphetamine into central Oklahoma. And it was all done from behind bars.

The ringleader in this conspiracy was 37-year-old Chad “Big Homie” Nathan Hudson, who is already wearing stenciled scrubs for stealing stuff, holding people against their will, running guns and drugs and possibly for adopting a hip-hop nickname that was sounding a little played out a quarter century ago. C’mon, Big Homie; you’re in the Irish freakin’ Mob! How about “Big Blarney” or “Irish Stout” or “The Troubles”?

At any rate, Big Homie was running this operation from inside the Oklahoma Department of Corrections using smuggled cellphones, prepaid debit cards and PayPal — kind of like an Etsy business gone straight to hell. Thanks to a cellphone-sniffing dog named Riley, Big Homie was caught in January along with fellow conspirators Richard “Lucky” Joseph Coker, Christopher “Breezy” Paul Brown and Richard “Pothead” Lee Potts. Just in terms of dumb street names, Coker and Potts get points for Irish pride and self-deprecation, respectively, but seriously, adopting the nickname of a disreputable R&B star just because your name is Chris Brown? Chicken-Fried News gives no props, Breezy. But as for Riley, the cellphone-sniffing canine? You are in clover, dog.

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