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Chicken-Fried News: Looted lives



Six million Jews died in the Holocaust, and those who lived had their lives and legacies demolished.

Many had art that was taken from them by the Germans, art that is now in museums, including Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art at the University of Oklahoma.

Officials with the museum have acknowledged that some of their acquisitions might have been looted from private collections before before the school received them.

In a statement sent to The New York Times, an OU spokesperson said, “The university is continuing its efforts to work with the plaintiffs to determine all the facts in this matter, some of which may still be unknown, and to seek a mutually agreeable resolution.”

OU is about to find out what it takes to get the paintings returned, if our state reps have anything to do about it.

House lawmakers recently introduced a resolution calling on the school to research all the objects in its collection to determine if any were stolen during World War II, according to KGOU.

The resolution might be a toothless attempt to right a wrong, and OU should probably know better than to keep a painting, like Shepherdess Bringing in Sheep (La Bergere Rantrant des Moutons), as evidence supports that the piece was taken by the Germans in France during WWII.

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