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Chicken Fried News: Major award



Sen. Jim Inhofe is a winner. He has been elected to the House of Representatives, mayor of Tulsa three times and Oklahoma state senator four times.

Now he can add another trophy to his collection because he was named Climate Change Denier of the year in the 2014 Vice News Awards.

Vice cited Inhofe’s book, The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future; the fact that he will most likely become chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee; and his own descriptions of the foundation of his beliefs about climate change as reasons he was awarded the prestigious prize.

“[T]he Genesis 8:22 that I use in [my book] is that ‘as long as the earth remains there will be seed time and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night,’” Inhofe told Voice of Christian Youth America in 2012. “My point is, God’s still up there. The arrogance of people to think that we, human beings, would be able to change what He is doing in the climate is to me outrageous.”

Vice is an international news source that, according to its website, provides “an unvarnished look at some of the most important events of our time and [shines] a light on underreported stories around the globe.”

Other Vice News Awards include Least Sexy Legislation, The Three Biggest Pentagon Absurdities, The Most Offensive Tweet, Most Surprisingly Tense Independent Vote and Best Passing of the Scepter of Evil.

Let’s just hope Inhofe can continue to feel like a winner once he realizes he’s now going against  Pope Francis, the Catholic Church and its nearly 1 billion members. According to National Post, the church is taking a political stand and urging global environmental reform.

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