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Chicken-Fried News: Marijuana waiting game


At some point in 2018, Oklahomans will have an answer for State Question 788, the legalization of medical marijuana, but no one knows if it will be in the June primary or the November general election.

Gov. Mary Fallin has until March to make a decision on the date, according to The Oklahoman, but some pro-medical marijuana groups are wondering if the waiting game is an intentional delay tactic.

It has been a long process even to get this far. The petition received enough signatures to qualify in 2016, but a pending lawsuit over the ballot title did not get resolved until March of this year.

Oklahomans for Health, one of the pro-medical marijuana groups responsible for getting signatures, said it wants the vote on the June ballot because it would allow the question, if passed, to go into law sooner.

“It’s extremely disingenuous and effectively suppressing the vote by advertising this on the November ballot,” Frank Grove, Oklahomans for Health’s co-founder, told The Oklahoman. “We are fully confident it’s going to pass on either day. Fallin needs to set the date and stop playing political games with people’s lives.”

Fallin’s spokesperson said the governor is more focused on “more pressing issues, such as adjusting the budget for the fiscal year.”

Ah, yes, who can forget about the budget when the 2017 special session is threatening to continue until the regular 2018 session? If only there was a potential tax windfall on the horizon, like — we’re just spitballing here — medical marijuana.

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