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Chicken-Fried News: Massive meth


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A routine traffic stop was the end of the road for a lady passing through Oklahoma City. According to KOCO. com, Zully Penate, 38, was swerving in and out of the lanes on the East Interstate 240 Service Road. Her erratic driving caught the attention of two deputies, who pulled her over.

When Penate got agitated while talking to deputies, they asked K-9 officer Cairo to take a sniff around. Cairo presented the alert signal right away, and the officers pulled nearly five pounds of meth from the vehicle.

The estimated value of the meth find was $60,000.

She posted $25,500 in bail and is awaiting trial for trafficking and improper lane use. Improper lane use? I guess the trafficking 60 grand of drugs wasn’t enough to stick her with.

It’s too bad she didn’t sell that meth before she got busted. She could have used the money for court costs.

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