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Chicken-Fried News: Meh OKC


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When it comes to diversity, well, Oklahoma City, let’s just say we know you can do better.

Not that we’re doing a terrible job. It’s just … you know.


WalletHub recently ranked OKC No. 9 nationally for industry diversity, and that’s awesome. It said our city’s “most prominent industries” are educational services and healthcare and social assistance. Least prominent is the “information” industry. (Hey, was that a swipe at the press? No? Moving on.)

However, worker-class diversity ranked No. 118, and occupational diversity for our city ranked even lower at No. 137. That’s not terrible, but it’s definitely average. Was your mother every happy with a C grade? No? Ours weren’t either.

Our most prominent occupations are management (We’re totally guessing that this means Oklahoma City is great at middle management!), business, science and arts.

However, our least prominent jobs are production, transportation and “material moving operations,” WalletHub research showed.

On to worker-class diversity: Our most prominent worker classes are private wage and salary workers. Least represented are unpaid family workers.

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