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Chicken-Fried News: Millennial paradise


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The governor said something was good, so now it’s official. That’s the way it works, right? No? Well, in any case, according to, Gov. Mary Fallin “applauded Oklahoma City for being listed as a top place for millennials to live.” recently listed our fine city as the sixth best millennial paradise.

“This is great news for our workforce,” Fallin said in a media statement. “City leaders across the nation are vying to attract these young adults to boost their local economy.” noted that OKC has the second-lowest unemployment rate and the lowest median home price, $219,000, of those in the top-10 list of Top Destinations for Millennials.

San Antonio, Texas; Jacksonville, Florida; Tampa, Florida; Miami, Florida; and Orlando, Florida; rounded out the top five. Austin, Texas, was named No. 9. based its list on migration data from 2009-2013 released by the Census Bureau.

If all the restaurants, pop-up shops and art havens aren’t enough proof that millennials have claimed OKC as their own, you probably need to leave the house more often and explore the new OKC.

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