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Chicken-Fried News: Mobile mansion



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Shots were fired in the Great Oklahoma RV Debate of 2015, and while it got pretty ugly, all’s well that ends well.

The state has been in an uproar since it discovered that 28-year-old Christina Fallin, daughter of Gov. Mary Fallin, had been living in an RV on the grounds of the governor’s mansion since April.

Many outraged citizens said Christina’s RV violated city code.

Helicopters hovered overhead to confirm the trailer’s location. reported that city code stated that “travel trailers cannot be used as a dwelling for more than 14 days in any calendar year” but Christina’s RV didn’t violate any city codes since the governor’s mansion is on state property.

Others upset by the situation claimed Christina and the governor didn’t care about codes, Christina was receiving special treatment and this incident was yet another example of how she’s spoiled. The #hipsterbooboo hashtag even made a brief comeback. (Thanks, Lost Ogle!) Gov. Fallin defended Christina, saying it isn’t unusual for children of the governor to reside in the mansion, but former Gov. Frank Keating told that his children did not live there as “working adults.”

Lo and behold, the manse is considered part of a Capitol medical center zoning area, so the temporary dwelling had to go.

And so it went.

“It never dawned on me that a mansion — a governor’s mansion — might be on a Capital medical zone,” Fallin said in a live interview on NewsChannel 4. “So, we’re gonna remove the trailer … and she’s going to make other living arrangements.”

Since this “scandal” occurred around the same time Christina’s art gallery, Sloan Installation Gallery, closed and she separated from boyfriend and Pink Pony bandmate Steven Battles, we might be inclined to say that maybe this was all just a case of a girl down on her luck.

But what do we know? We live in our mother’s basement.

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