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Chicken-Fried News: Mullet Marsden



Stillwater native James Marsden recently sat down with Elle magazine for an interview column called Hot Guy/Cold Drink.

Marsden dished about getting plastered on his 21st birthday — damn you, Jäger! — making Nicholas Sparks movies and how moving to Los Angeles helped him grow and become the man he is today.

But did you know that present-day heartthrob James Marsden had a mullet in his high school yearbook photo?

Go ahead; look it up. We can wait.

He was also a total nerd and had trouble dating.

“In Oklahoma, the girls like the big football players. Girls were more interested in those guys and I was, like, kind of a drama kid,” he said.

It’s okay, cutie. We bet they’re feeling really stupid now.

Marsden snagged the role of lead hottie in the new Nicholas Sparks movie The Best of Me, about a man who returns to his hometown for a reunion and reconnects with his high school sweetheart.

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