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Chicken-Fried News: Neutral parking




One place to turn yourself in to the police when you’re wanted for murder is the police station.

Another is News 9’s parking lot.

News reported that Eugene Moore was watching the news and learned that police were searching for his nephew, 28-year-old Michael Tyrone Webb Jr., because he’s a suspect in a murder, so he convinced him to turn himself in.

“I let him understand that it’s a very serious matter, a very serious charge. Emotions will start to flare after time goes by, and you should turn yourself in and get this cleared up,” Moore told News 9’s Grant Hermes. “He’s a good kid. … It’s about right and wrong. He’s my nephew, and I love him. I mean, I have children. If you do wrong, there are consequences, no matter what the circumstances are.”

Webb and 26-year-old Tempest Sashay Williams are facing charges for allegedly murdering 28-year-old David Weideman in late August, reported.

They are also facing charges for robbery.

Moore said Webb picked the news station parking lot because he wanted to turn himself in on neutral ground. reported that Williams also turned herself in.

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