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Chicken-Fried News: Nightmarish neighbors


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Gunshots, screaming matches, dog attacks, car break-ins, fights and careening and speeding cars at a Tulsa residence were caught by a neighbor’s security camera, according to a report by northeastern Oklahoma news outlet

The former neighbors recently edited their footage into a video documenting “the worst neighbors in the world,” which quickly went viral.

And these people easily qualify for that title.

Gunshots ring out morning, day and night. Night surveillance shows neighbors hunching over as they attempt to dodge the view of the camera as they rifle through the homeowner’s pickup truck.

A sedan squeals to a stop in front of a home, Tokyo Drift-style, as someone screams “Merry Christmas!”

Three loose dogs run from the yard and pin a child against a chain-link fence across the street as he screams for help.

An angry group of people tries to pull someone from a car before it speeds away.

Before the family with the camera gave up and left, Tulsa County sheriff’s deputies were called to their loud neighbors’ property “over 20 times in the last few years,” reported.

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