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Chicken-Fried News: Northpark disco



Northpark Mall is famous in OKC for its dollar theater (Starplex Northpark 7; just $1 all day Tuesdays) and Shogun Steak House of Japan. What it isn’t known for is a Vegas-style club scene — until now.

The Oklahoma Planning Commission approved a proposal to open a nightclub complete with a DJ and alcoholic drinks in the east end of the mall, reported

However, nearby Quail Creek residents fear it will make the area dangerous.

But its proprietors have a solution: The good news is that you get your picture taken as soon as you enter the club. Sorry; no selfies.

Servall Biometric Identity Scanners will be installed and high-end security will guard the door to help allay the fears of neighbors.

The other good news is that the plan still needs to be approved by the Oklahoma City Council, so there’s a possibility the speedwalking grannies and tiny costumed dogs of Northpark Mall will be left to stroll in peace.

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