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Chicken-Fried News: Oh my!




Oklahoma is rapidly becoming a disaster buffet. Last Wednesday unleashed a veritable smorgasbord of crises, both natural and manmade, as severe thunderstorms dropped more than a dozen tornadoes on the state, along with widespread flooding.

But the frightening evening took a bizarre turn when reports spread that wild animals from the Tiger Safari in Tuttle were on the loose after the park was hit by a twister. Nearby residents were encouraged to stay in their homes.

For 30 glorious minutes, the Internet was abuzz with talk of a “#tigernado” and who in god’s name was playing Jumanji. Pictures from the film Life of Pi also were liberally shared.

It turns out residents needn’t have worried. The escaped animals were rounded up quickly, before they had the chance to take over seats on the city council or amend upcoming school bonds to include bulk raw meat purchases.

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