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Chicken-Fried News: Oil me up?


CFN_OIL.jpg recently released the most often used descriptive word by state on their website. Oklahoma’s was “oil.” That word can imply about as many scenarios as there are applications for the substance, but let’s assume we are talking about the energy sector. The energy employees must be a lonely lot, slaving away for the man while secretly wishing they could find a way to talk to the redhead in Land but opting for love on the Internet instead.

Oil was also the most oft-used word in Texas and North Dakota. Meanwhile, “farm” was the most used in Kansas. “Museum” appeared all over New York, “hunting” won out in Wyoming and Montana, and “kayak” reigned supreme in both Oregon and Idaho.

Disappointingly, all the most often used words were G-rated. I guess we are talking about and not tinder or

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