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Chicken-Fried News: Peer politics




When some people remember their 21st year, visions of dark bars, idiotic dates and unfinished college research papers come to mind. For most, it’s that special time in life when a person is more grown up than their parents can admit but still far from being the mature adult they imagine themselves to be.

But that’s just some of us. Some 21-year-olds actually have some notion of a vision for their lives.

Macy Gleason is one of them. The Mannford native is running as a Democrat to represent House District 29. That seat is being vacated by Republican James Leewright. The minimum age for a state representative is 21.

There’s plenty of reason to believe Gleason is crushing this whole early-20s thing. According to the bio on the former education major’s campaign website, she paid her own way through college (with the help of “generous scholarships”). She won the top award in Oklahoma State University’s Freshman Research Scholars Program.

Interestingly, Gleason also gave a speech about outside perceptions of teachers and education majors at the independently organized TEDx event in Stillwater.

Her website indicates she supports education, job creation and senior care improvements. Gleason’s opponents are fellow Democrat Rick Parris and Republican Kyle Hilbert, who is only a year older than Gleason.

Maybe politics is a young person’s game after all.

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