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Chicken-Fried News: Pimp shelter



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If she plays her cards right, an Oklahoma mother could land herself a show on MTV. Forget Pimp My Ride; the OKC metro has what should be called Pimp My Storm Shelter.

Norman resident Melissa Scaramucci didn’t feel comfortable about the state of her tornado shelter and decided to do something about it.

“We had one little scare a few weeks ago, and it seemed kind of counterintuitive for everything outside to be awful and scary and hail and rain and sirens going off and then I look at the girls and I say, ‘Okay. Now get into the dark, scary hole,’” Scaramucci told

Determined to make her hidey-hole comfortable and fun, she headed to Target and bought throw pillows, a rug, wall chalkboards, snacks, bottles of water, a lantern, a weather radio and books — namely, The Wizard of Oz, because you can’t have a snazzy tornado shelter without some snarky, situation-appropriate reading material.

Guard your flooded, dirty, spider-ridden shelter that encourages the type of fear and gravity tornadoes demand, folks; Scaramucci is coming for you, and she has a paintbrush.

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