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Chicken-Fried News: Pinched palace



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You might think it would be difficult to steal a $1 million house. Millionaires love security systems and living in fancy gated neighborhoods with rent-a-cops, after all. But an Oklahoma woman recently proved that it’s only difficult if someone finds out.

The first thing you have to do is strike up a relationship with Norwegian boat racer Tor Staubo, who paid cash for his $1.2 million Grand Lake mansion and its furniture. Next, you date him for a year and then wait for him to leave the country. Then you forge a land deed and form a fake corporation to obtain control of the humble abode. Finally, you don’t get caught. Unfortunately, 61-year-old Betty Pitts-Cartwright, a former Oklahoma attorney, forgot about that last step.

On July 10, she pleaded guilty to “obtaining property by fraud” and perjury in relation to the stolen property, reported.

Pitts-Cartwright and two accomplices — one of them her daughter — were caught when Staubo received an anonymous letter.

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