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Chicken-Fried News: Pulling weeds




Oklahoma is a real melting pot when it comes to marijuana. After the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office reported a May 13 traffic stop on Interstate 40 that netted them 93 pounds of primo bud, the comments on the Facebook post about it took off in every direction.

But Jose Martin Avila of El Paso, Texas, and Joshua Kaftan Hernandez of Santa Gertrudes Socorro, Texas, stayed put after their arrests for allegedly transporting sticky ganja in 83 individually wrapped bundles or, as the deputies put it, suspicion of “one count of trafficking illegal drugs.”

Some commenters expressed their admiration for a job well done with replies including, “Great Job!!” from Natasha Broussard, slightly less emphatic “Great job” from Curt Collins and direct “Good job hate drugs” from Beckie Ertel.

Others were dismayed, including Kenneth Fletcher, who urged Oklahoma to “legalize it,” while Mark Hanifin said “the feds fund the ‘war on drugs’ from both sides” and that the CIA runs drugs. What a lovely little microcosm of Oklahoma opinions. The real winner was Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel, who said, “Our deputies keep a constant watch for people transporting drugs and drug proceeds through the county.”

Keep your weed, drug runners! The real money is in nabbing those drug proceeds. By the way, Senate Bill 1189 by Oklahoma Senator Kyle Loveless died in committee this year. It would have put measures into place to tamp down on rampant asset seizure by law enforcement, a problem that has earned Oklahoma a D- grade from Institute for Justice.

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