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Chicken-Fried News: Rockin’ Roadies




Rock band roadies usually fly under the radar and are the most undervalued individuals in the tour band family. Not anymore!

Showtime’s comedy series Roadies, created by screenwriting legend Cameron Crowe, details the lives of these individuals, examining both sides of management and followers.

Luke Wilson plays the tour manager in Roadies who, according to The New York Times, “loves the road but is feeling the pull of middle-age loneliness.” He credits his insight and knowledge of the music business, which shaped his role in Roadies, to Oklahoma-tied rock act Kings of Leon.

“I’ve always read about bands and singers I’ve liked and I have a couple of friends in bands, so I feel like I already had the research done,” Wilson told

Wilson deftly captures the nostalgia of the industry and the roller coaster ride that is life on tour.

Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson also influenced Wilson; he acted alongside Dylan in musical drama Masked & Anonymous and appeared in Nelson’s music video for “Maria (Shut Up and Kiss Me).”

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