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Legendary University of Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer is known as a great recruiter. Recently, he used his talent and influence to assemble a top-notch team from outside the human ranks.

Switzer and wife Becky made a recent public announcement at the Oklahoma City National Memorial declaring their plan to open a center for the full training of search-and-rescue dogs to be used by fire departments and emergency responders around the state. recently reported the Ground Zero K9 center will be located on a 120-acre stretch of land in Tuttle. Switzer said each dog will receive around $20,000 worth of training. All dogs trained at the facility will be given to state departments at no cost.

There are currently 11 dogs serving on state search-and-rescue teams, reported.

Switzer said his goal is to boost that number to 36. The facility should completed in three years, and training the new dogs has already begun.

Lead trainer Darrell Wilkerson has decades of experience with search-and-rescue K9s.

“We want to make sure our dogs are Heisman Trophy winners,” Swtizer told, “and we want to make sure the guys that are with them are Bear Bryants and Nick Sabans and Bob Stoopses that are handling them.”

Chicken-Fried News is happy to hear about Switzer’s investment to help serve and protect a state known for a long history of natural disasters.

This is a team fans from both sides of the Bedlam rivalry can get behind.

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