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Chicken-Fried News: Safety shooting



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Last week, Oklahoma City’s Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) union requested that officers be allowed to carry their personal firearms and ammunition while on duty. They also requested OKC police be issued more body armor, reported.

In a letter sent last Wednesday, FOP president John George asked police chief Bill Citty for the changes, saying, “Allowing our officers to carry rifles could help end a dangerous situation sooner and save innocent lives.”

Citty has said before that he doesn’t see a necessary need for the extra firepower and called the recent shooting attack on Dallas police “an aberration.”

He has, however, considered adding additional police helmets and shields.

Also, police supervisors are now required to respond to all “shots fired” and gun calls, and those officers already have rifles, Citty said in a video posted to the website.

“I just feel like it’s in the best interest of this department and the city that we provide the equipment for our officers, that they don’t have to buy their own, that we have control over the quality of that equipment,” Citty said.

Fatal Force, a data sourcing project by The Washington Post, cites three police-related fatal shootings of suspects in Oklahoma City so far this year.

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