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Chicken-Fried News: Sculpted by Angel


  • Ingvard Ashby

Donald Trump officially announced his bid for re-election with all the expected bells and dog-whistles on the border wall, the “witch hunt” and the “angry, left-wing mob.” He even went back to his roots, obsessing over Hillary Clinton and prompting “Lock her up” chants.

While Trump lied to the public about being tough on Russia — among several other things — Oklahoma Republican Party unveiled a sculpture of the president created by McAlester artist Brenda Angel. Like her surname might imply, she began sculpting after dreaming of Jesus.

“I was dreaming and all the sudden, I was in the air and I was watching Jesus being crucified. I never saw him die, but when he raised up and took a deep breath and yelled out, 'Eli, Eli lama Sabachthani,' then I’d wake up. When I'd wake up, I'd hear, 'Sculpt what you just saw,’” she told KTUL. "I didn’t even know where to buy clay. It took like three weeks to find out even where to buy clay. That was my first piece."

Eli, Eli lama Sabachthani,” is what Jesus cried out while dying on the cross, according to the Bible. It translates to “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” which is exactly what the Chicken-Fried News staff exclaimed when reading about this sculpture.

Angel calls the sculpture “The President Who Loves America,” which is definitely not what we would call it, but we can respect her hard work. And, yes, having a Trump sculpture in Oklahoma makes us disappointed, not surprised, but at least it does not actually look like him. She definitely nailed Trump’s crow’s feet, but it looks more like Alec Baldwin as Trump. Bigly.

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