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Chicken-Fried News: Sexy statistics



cfn_sext.jpg online real estate website recently compiled a list of the “how to” questions people in each state ask more often than people in other states.

While Texans Googled questions such “How to read minds” and “How to sell your soul” and people in Florida wanted to know “How to get out of Florida,” Oklahoma’s most searched “how to” questions were perplexing and hilarious.

First of all, How to Eat Fried Worms is both a book and a movie, so Oklahomans probably aren’t searching for earthworm recipes so much as they’re trying to cheat on a book report.

“How to whistle” and “How to smoke ribs” are both valid queries. They kind of go together. Anybody who figures out how to perfectly smoke a rack of juicy, flavorful ribs will want to call over their friends with a jaunty whistle.

That said, the search query Chicken-Fried News cannot abide is the last one on the list: How to sext.

Oklahoma had a 13.5 percent divorce rate in 2014, which puts the Sooner State at No. 3 nationally. This is a state that knows how to send a lewd message via phone.

We’re guessing the good news for the real estate market is that the more sexting Oklahomans do, the more likely people will be looking to buy a new home.

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