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Chicken-Fried News: Shooting blanks?



She has shot a lot of movies that were “all plot,” and now she’s shooting guns.

Moore resident and bodacious adult film chipmunk Jesse Jane is in the gun biz now. While in Las Vegas recently, she shot a gun rights video with adult film colleague Bonnie Rotten in a week that saw both the Adult Video News porn expo and Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show come to the City of Sin.

So the union of both felt, you know, natural.

“People who are against porn, they judge us,” Jane said in the gun advocacy PSA. “People that shoot guns, you have people that are against you. So we’re both in industries where people judge us.”

When you oversimplify it, Jane isn’t wrong. The scrutiny of each industry is comparable. Too many guns in the wrong hands can lead to firearm misuse. Too much porn and you get empty relationships and muscle asymmetry.

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